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Richard Levine Fine Art Photography

As a child Richard enjoyed taking pictures with his 1970s Kodak Instamatic cameras, but he discovered his passion for photography while experimenting with his first pinhole camera during an optional high school course.  After buying a 35mm film camera in the early 2000s, he discovered how a camera could be used to capture the world around him.  However, it was using his first digital SLR camera a few years later that really allowed Richard to expand his horizons.  No longer constrained by having to change rolls of film, and now able to view images in real time, Richard could explore photographic techniques and receive immediate feedback.

Many of his prized images have been taken while travelling.  He enjoys working with colour and likes to experiment with images of water, creating abstract photographic art.  Richard has a keen eye for detail and finds opportunities for creative photography in what others may see as everyday, mundane objects and surroundings.   He is often asked, ‘Why are you taking a photo of that (puddle, mountain, umbrella, car, shoe....)?’ His answer, ‘wait, and you will see’…

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